Friday, 27 Nov 2020

Civil Service Updates on August 9, 2020 CSE-PPT Examination Applications

Civil Service Commission or CSC announces on the August 9, 2020 CSE-PPT examination application is suspended.

CSC said, August 9, 2020 career service examination, pen and paper test or CSE-PPT for professional and sub-professional from the original schedule May 11, 1010 to June 10, 2020 is suspended.

“The suspension of the filing of applications is in view of the extended implementation up to May 15, 2020 of the enhanced community quarantine in the National Capital Region, Region III, Region IV-A, and other select provinces, and general community quarantine for the rest of the country,” CSC added.

CSC will notify the new schedule on applications of CSC-PPT until further notice.


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