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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 11

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. Who were the Thomasites?
    a. The first American teachers that help in establishing the public educational system in the
    b. The soldiers who doubted the success of the public educational system to be set in the Philippines
    c. The first religious group who came to the Philippines on board the US transports Thomas
    d. The devotees to St. Thomas Aquinas who came to evangelize
    Ans: a
  2. Which teaching activity is founded on Bandura’s social learning theory?
    a. Questioning
    b. Inductive reasoning
    c. Modeling
    d. Interactive teaching
    Ans: c
  3. Which program is DepEd’s vehicle in mobilizing support from the private and non-government sectors to
    support programs based on DepEd’s menu of assistance packages?
    a. Chili-Friendly-School System
    b. Adopt-A-School-Program
    c. Every Child A Reader Program
    d. Brigada Eskwela
    Ans: d
  4. Researchers gave rats a dose of 3-m butyl phthalide and measured changes in the rats blood pressure. This
    statement is best classified as
    a. Experiment
    b. Prediction
    c. Hypothesis
    d. Finding
    Ans: a
  5. The right hemisphere of the brain is involved with the following functions except:
    a. Visual functions
    b. Nonverbal functions
    c. Intuitive functions
    d. Detail-oriented functions
    Ans: b
  6. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth, which should be done?
    a.Re-study our history from the perspective of our colonizer
    b.Re-study our history and stress on our achievements as a people
    c.Replace the study of folklores and myths with technical subjects
    d.Set aside the study of local history
    Ans: b
  7. Which is in accordance with the “with-it-ness” principle of classroom management of Kounin?
    a. Students agree to disagree in class discussions
    b. Teacher is fully aware of what is happening in his classroom
    c. Student is with his teacher in everything he teaches
    d. Both parents and teachers are involved in the education of children
    Ans: b
  8. Below are questions that must be considered in developing appropriate learning activity experiences except
    one. Which is it?
    a. Can experiences benefit the pupils?
    b. Do the experiences save the pupils from learning difficulties?
    c. Are the experiences in accordance with the patterns of pupils?
    d. Do the experiences encourage pupils to inquire further?
    Ans: b
  9. Which is a characteristic of an imperfect type of matching test?
    a. An item may have no answer at all
    b. An answer may be repeated
    c. There are two or more distracters
    d. The items in the right and left columns are equal in number
    Ans: a
  10. Which is a proactive management practice?
    a. Tell them that you enforce the rules on everyone, no exception
    b. Set and clarify your rules and expectation on Day 1
    c. Punish the misbehaving pupils in the presence of their classmates
    d. Stress on penalty for every violation
    Ans: b

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