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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 12

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. “Specialization is knowing more and more about less and less. Then it is better to be a generalist,” claims
    Teacher Patty. On which philosophy does Teacher Patty learn?
    a. Essentialism
    b. Progressivism
    c. Perennialism
    d. Existentialism
    Ans: a
  2. I like to develop the synthesizing skills of my students. Which one should I do?
    a. Ask my students to formulate a generalization from the data shown in the graphs
    b. Direct my students to point out which part of the graph are right and which part is wrong
    c. Ask my students to answer the questions beginning with “what if”
    d. Tell my students to state data presented in the graph
    Ans: a
  3. To reach out to clientele who cannot be in the classroom for one reason or another, which of the following
    was established?
    a. Informal
    b. Special education (SPED)
    c. Pre-school education
    d. Alternative learning delivery system
    Ans: d
  4. Tira enjoys games like scrabble, anagrams and password. Which type of intelligence is strong in Tira?
    a. Interpersonal intelligence
    b. Linguistic intelligence
    c. Logical and mathematical intelligence
    d. Spatial intelligence
    Ans: b
  5. Teacher Milla observes cleanliness and order in the classroom to create a conducive atmosphere for
    learning. On which theory is her practice based?
    a. Psychoanalysis
    b. Gestalt psychology
    c. Behaviorism
    d. Humanistic psychology
    Ans: c 11
  6. Which learning principles is the essence of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences?
    a. Almost all learners are linguistically intelligent
    b. Intelligence is not measured on one form
    c. Learners have different IQ level
    d. Learners have static IQ
    Ans: b
  7. Who asserted that children must be given the opportunity to explore and work on different materials so
    that they will develop the sense of initiative instead of guilt?
    a. Kohlberg
    b. Erickson
    c. Maslow
    d. Gardner
    Ans: b
  8. Teacher Ada uses direct instruction strategy. Which will she first do?
    a.Presenting and structuring
    b.Independent practice
    c. Guided student practice
    d. Reviewing the previous day’s work
    Ans: d
  9. The free public elementary and secondary educations in the country are in the line with the government
    effort to address educational problems of _.
    b.Relevance and quality
    c.Access and quality
    d.Effectiveness and efficiency
    Ans: c
  10. Here are raw scores in a quiz 97, 95, 85, 83, 77, 75, 50, 10, 5, 2, 1. To get a picture of the group’s
    performance which measure of central tendency is most reliable?
    a. Median
    b. Mode
    c. Mean
    d. None, it is best to look at the individual scores
    Ans: a

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