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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 14

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. Which objective in the affective domain is the lowest level?
    a. To accumulate examples of authenticity
    b. To support viewpoints against abortion
    c. To respond positively to a comment
    d. To formulate criteria for honestly
    Ans: a
  2. “Using the six descriptions of elements of good short story, IDENTIFY IN WRITING THE SHORT STORY BY
    O. HENRY, with complete accuracy.” The words in capital letters are referred to as the __.
    a. Criterion of success
    b. Condition
    c. Performance statement
    d. Minimum acceptable performance
    Ans: c
  3. You have presented a lesson on animal protective coloration. At the end, you ask if there are any
    questions. There are none. You can take this to mean that __.
    a. The students are not interested in the lesson
    b. You need to ask specific questions to elicit responses
    c. The students did not understand what you were talking about
    d. The students understood everything you presented
    Ans: b 11
  4. Teacher Vina feels offended by her supervisor’s unfavorable comments after a classroom supervision. She
    concludes that her supervisor does not like her. Which Filipino trait is demonstrated by Teacher Vina?
    a. Extreme family-centeredness
    b. Extreme personalism
    c. “Kanya-kanya” syndrome
    d. Superficial religiously
    Ans: b
  5. Teachers are encouraged to make use of authentic assessments such as:
    a. De-contextualized drills
    b. Unrealistic performances
    c. Answering multiple choices test items
    d. Real world application of lessons learned
    Ans: d
  6. What does the principle of individual difference require teachers to do?
    a. Give less attention to gifted learners
    b. Provide for a variety of learning activities
    c. Treat all learners alike while teaching
    d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class
    Ans: b
  7. The source of energy responsible for life on earth is the __.
    a. Moon c. Star
    b. Wind d. Sun
    Ans: d
  8. Which quotation goes with a proactive approach to discipline?
    a. “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”
    b. “Do not make a mountain out of a molehill.”
    c. “Walk your talk.”
    d. “Do not smile until Christmas.”
    Ans: a
  9. I’d like to test whether a student knows what a particular word means. What should I ask the student to
    a. Give the word a tune then sing it
    b. Define the word
    c. Spell the word and identify its part of speech
    d. Give the etymology of the word
    Ans: b
  10. Study this matching type of test. Then answer the question below.

  1. Measure of relationship
  2. Measure of central tendency
  3. Binet Simon
  4. Statistical test of mean difference
  5. Measure of variability

a. Mean
b. Standard Deviation
c. Rho
d. T-ratio
e. Intelligence testing movement

Which among the following is a way to improve the above matching test?
a. Add five items in both columns
b. Add one or two items in the right column
c. Add ten items in both columns to make the test more comprehensive
d. Add one or two items in the left column

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