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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 19

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. What term applies to the search for related literature by computing access of databases of discs kept in
    a. Compact discs computer research
    b. On line research
    c. Manual research
    d. Computer research
    Ans: a
  2. What best indicates the effectiveness of classroom activities?
    a. The laughter and enjoyment of students
    b. The application of concept learned in daily life
    c. The utilization of varied techniques and approaches
    d. The variety of instructional materials used
    Ans: b
  3. The main purpose of the compulsory study of the Constitution in Philippine schools is to:
    a. Develop the students into responsible thinking citizens
    b. Acquaint students with the historical development of the Philippine Constitution
    c. Prepare students for law making
    d. Make constitutional experts of the students
    Ans: a
  4. Some students who are high in the scholastic aptitude test have failed in college. Some who are below the
    standards set for admission but who for various reasons were admitted, attained satisfactory standings. This
    proves that:
    a. Human beings are certainly predictable
    b. Admission tests are not accurate, hence should not be used
    c. Aptitude tests do not measure all factors important for success
    d. Aptitude test can be perfectly relied on
    Ans: c
  5. If the teachers pattern in questioning consists of calling on a student then asking the question:
    a. All students may be encouraged to participate
    b. The student called to answer may be able to think well of his answer
    c. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer
    d. The rest of the class may not engage themselves in thinking of the answer
    Ans: d
  6. Freud expounded that there is a period when young girls experience rivalry with their mother for their father’s affection. This is called:
    a. Electra complex
    b. Oedipus complex
    c. Achilles syndrome
    d. Cassandra syndrome
    Ans: a
  7. Education is a lifelong process. This simply means that education:
    a. May take place formally or informally to enable the individual to grow
    b. May take place anywhere and anytime the individual so desires
    c. Is a continuous process of experiencing and reorganizing experiences
    d. Take place in the school where the individual is exposed, self contained experiences
    Ans: c
  8. The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early childhood stage. Teachers should therefore be
    very good:
    a. Counselors c. Disciplinarians
    b. Role models d. Facilitators of learning
    Ans: b
  9. How is Values Education offered in the National Secondary Education Curriculum?
    a. Emphasized in Science and Technology
    b. Integrated in all subject areas
    c. As a separate subject
    d. Integrated with Technology and Home Economics
    Ans: c
  10. The NSEC orients secondary education to:
    a. The teaching of the national symbols
    b. Health values development
    c. The development of competencies and values for social living
    d. National development requirement and reflects search based direction
    Ans: c

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