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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 2

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. A common complaint of teachers about pupils is this: “You give them assignment, the following day they
    come without any. You teach them this today, asks them tomorrow and they don’t know. It is as if there is
    nothing that you taught them at all.” Based on the theory of information processing, what must teachers do
    to counteract pupil’s forgetting?
    I. Punish every child who can’t give correct answers to questions.
    II. Work for meaningful learning by connecting lesson to what pupils know.
    III.Reward every child who remembers past lessons.
    a. III only c. II and III
    b. I and III d. II only
    Ans: c
  2. When small children call all animals “dogs”, what process is illustrated, based on Piaget’s cognitive
    development theory?
    a. Assimilation c. Reversion
    b. Conservation d. Accommodation
    Ans: a
  3. Based on Bandura’s theory, which conditions must be present for a student to learn from a model?
    I. Attention III. Motor reproduction
    II. Retention IV. Motivation
    a. I and II c. I, II, III and IV
    b. I, II and III d. III and IV
    Ans: c
  4. According to Tolman’s theory on purposive behaviorism, learning is goal-directed. What is its implication to
    a. Evaluate lessons based on your objective/s
    b. Set as many objectives as you can
    c. Stick to your objectives/s no matter what happens
    d. Make the objective/s of your lesson clear and specific
    Ans: c
  5. Which is the ideal stage of moral development? Stage of _.
    a. Social contract
    b. Universal ethical principle
    c. Law and order
    d. Good boy/good girl
    Ans: b
  6. Cristina’s family had a family picture when she was not yet born. Unable to see herself in the family
    picture, she cried despite her mother’s explanation that she was not yet born when the family picture was
    taken. What does Cristina’s behavior show?
    a. Limited social cognition
    b. Egocentrism
    c. Semi-logical reasoning
    d. Rigidity of thought
    Ans: b
  7. To help a student learn to the optimum, Vygotsky advises us to bridge the student’s present skill level and
    the desired skill level by __.
    a. Challenging c. Inspiring
    b. Scaffolding d. Motivating
    Ans: b
  8. Based on Piaget’s theory, what should a teacher provide in the formal operational stage?
    a. Stimulating environment with ample objects to play with
    b. Games and other physical activities to develop motor skills
    c. Activities for hypothesis formulation
    d. Learning activities that involve problems of classification and ordering
    Ans: c
  9. “Do not cheat. Cheating does not pay. If you do, you cheat yourself” says the voiceless voice from within
    you. In the context of Freud’s theory, which is/are at work? a. Id c. Ego
    b. Id and Superego d. Superego
    3/22/2020 2018 Prof Ed Reviewer: 50 Questions with Answers Part 1 – LET EXAM – Questions & Answers 4/12
    Ans: d
  10. Here are comments from School Head Carmen regarding her observations on teacher’s practice in lesson
    The words “identify,” “tell” and “enumerate” are overused. Many times they make use of non-behavioral
    terms. Often their lesson objectives do not include value formation and inculcation.
    What can be inferred from the School Head’s comments regarding teacher formulated lesson objectives?
    a. Often lesson objectives are in the low level
    b. Very often lesson objectives are in the cognitive domain
    c. Quite often lesson objectives describe teacher’s behavior
    d. Often lesson objectives are in the psychomotor domain
    Ans: b

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