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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 4

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. I want to use a diagram to compare the traditional and authentic modes of assessment. Which one is most t?
    a. Anity diagram
    b. Tree diagram
    c. Venn diagram
    d. Fishbone diagram
    Ans: c
  2. A big story in your local newspaper. You want to use the headlines as an inquiry device. To increase student participation, you might begin by __.
    a. Asking one to read the news story and interpret what he read after
    b. Asking the class to infer connotations and denotations from the headline
    c. Explaining what you believe to be the underlying causes
    d. Describing the background of the story as you know it
    Ans: b
  3. If a triadic interaction includes three (3) persons, how many persons are included in a dyadic interaction?
    a. Two
    b. Two groups composed of two persons each
    c. One, the person and himself
    d. Four
    Ans: a
  4. When I teach skills that are critical to the learning of the next topics, what should I employ?
    a. Direct instruction
    b. Mastery learning
    c. Socratic method
    d. Cooperative learning
    Ans: b
  5. I want my students to have mastery learning of a basic topic. Which can help?
    a. Drill
    b. Socratic method and drill
    c. Morrisonian technique and drill
    d. Socratic method
    Ans: a
  6. Teacher Feng wanted to teach the pupils the skill of cross stretching. Her check-up quiz was a written test on the
    steps of cross stitching. What characteristic of a good test does it lack?
    a. Predictive validity
    b. Objectivity
    c. Reliability
    d. Content validity
    Ans: c
  7. In the parlance of test construction, what does TOS mean?
    a. Table of Specication
    b. Team of Specications
    c. Table of Specics
    d. Terms of Specications
    Ans: a
  8. If I favor “assessment for learning,” which will I do most likely?
    I. Conduct a pre-test results
    II. Teach based on pre-test results
    III. Give specic feedback to students
    IV. Conduct peer tutoring for students in need of help
    a. I, II and IV c. I, II and III
    b. II, III and IV d. I, II, III and IV
    Ans: d
  9. After a lesson on the atom, the students were asked to work on a physical model of the atom to determine
    learning. For which group of students is building an atom model intended?
    a. Interpersonality intelligent
    b. Kinesthetically intelligent
    c. Mathematically intelligent
    d. Linguistically intelligent
    Ans: b
  10. If I want to develop creative thinking in my students, which one/s should I use?
    I. Problem solving
    II. Brainstorming
    III. Dramatics
    a. I and II c. III only
    b. II only d. I, II and II
    Ans: d

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