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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 5

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. For lesson clarity and effective retention, which should a teacher observe, according to Bruner’s theory?
    a. Begin teaching at the concrete level but go beyond it by reaching the abstract
    b. Use purely verbal symbols in teaching
    c. Start at the concrete level and end there
    d. End teaching with verbal symbols
    Ans: a
  2. Is it advisable to use realias all the time?
    a. No, for the sake of variety of instructional materials
    b. No, only when feasible
    c. Yes, because there is no substitute for realias
    d. Yes, because it is the real thing
    Ans: a
  3. I want my students to look at the issues on the call for President Arroyo to step down from several
    perspectives. Which activity is most fitting?
    a. Cross examination c. Symposium
    b. Panel discussion d. Debate
    Ans: b
  4. I intended to inculcate in my students the value of order and cleanliness. I begin my lesson by asking them
    to share their experiences about the dirtiest and the cleanest place they have seen and how they felt about
    them. From there I lead them to the consequences of dirty and clean home of surroundings. In my lesson
    development plan, how do I proceed?
    a. Transductively c. Deductively
    b. Inductively d. Concretely
    Ans: b
  5. Teacher Neri wants to develop the ability of sound judgment in his students. Which of the following
    questions should he ask?
    a. What is the essayist saying about judging other people?
    b. With the elements of a good paragraph in mind, which one is best written?
    c. Why is there so much poverty in a country where there is plenty of natural resources?
    d. Of the characters in the story, with whom do you identify yourself?
    Ans: b
  6. The teacher is the first audio-visual aid in the classroom. What does this imply?
    a. You take care that you follow the fashion or else students won’t listen to you
    b. Your physical appearance and voice should be such that students are helped to learn
    c. Make good use of the radio and TV in the classroom
    d. Include singing in your teaching method Ans: b
  7. I used the gumamela flower, a complete flower, to teach the parts of a flower. Which method did I use?
    a. Demonstration method
    b. Type-study method
    c. Drill method
    d. Laboratory method
    Ans: b
  8. A teacher would use a standardized test __.
    a. To serve as a unit test
    b. To serve as a final examination
    c. To engage in easy scoring
    d. To compare her students to national norms
    Ans: d
  9. Other than finding out how well the course competencies were met, Teacher Kathy also wants to know her
    students’ performance when compared with other students in the country. What is Teacher Kathy interested
    to do?
    a. Formative evaluation
    b. Authentic evaluation
    c. Norm-referenced evaluation
    d. Criterion-referenced evaluation
    Ans: c
  10. I want to help my students retain new information. Which one will I use?
    a. Questions c. Games
    b. Mnemonics d. Simulations
    Ans: b

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