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COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE – LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE! – Prof Ed 5

COMPLETE LET REVIEWERS for FREE - LET Reviewer Materials Available here for FREE!
  1. Which is/are eective method/s in teaching students critical reading skills?
    a. Read and interpret three dierent movie reviews
    b. Interpret editorials about a particular subject from three dierent newspaper
    c. Distinguish ction from non-ction materials
    d. Interpret editorials and read and interpret three dierent movie reviews
    Ans: b
  2. I want to present the characteristics features of a constructivist approach. What should I use?
    a. Fishbone diagram
    b. Venn diagram
    c. Narrative frame
    d. Attribute wheel
    Ans: d
  3. If all of your students in your class passed the pretest, what should you do?
    a. Administer the posttest
    b. Go through the unit as usual because it is part of the syllabus
    c. Go through the lesson quickly in order not to skip any
    d. Go on to the next unit
    Ans: b
  4. Teacher Vicky shows her students a picture of people in thick jackets. Then she asks them to tell her the kind of
    climate when the picture was taken. If she asks 5 questions of this kind and her students do not get them, it is safe to
    conclude that pupils are quite weak in the skill of _.
    a. Analyzing c. Synthesizing
    b. Inferring d. Generalizing

    Ans: b
  5. Which must go with self-assessment for it to be efective?
    a. Scoring rubric
    b. Consensus of evaluation results from teacher and student
    c. External monitor
    d. Public display of results of self-evaluation
    Ans: a
  6. Which group of scores is most varied? The group with __.
    a. 0.90 SD c. 0.10 SD
    b. 0.50 SD d. 0.75 SD
    Ans: a
  7. The main purpose in administering a pretest and a posttest to students is to _.
    a. Measure gains in learning
    b. Measure the value of the material taught
    c. Keep adequate records
    d. Accustom the students to frequent testing \
    Ans: a
  8. Assessment is said to be authentic when the teacher __.
    a. Consider students’ suggestion in teaching
    b. Gives valid and reliable paper-and-pencil test
    c. Gives students real-life task to accomplish
    d. Includes parents in the determination of assessment procedures
    Ans: c
  9. The following are computed means of a hundred-item test: Physical science, 38; Math, 52; English, 33. Based on the
    data, which is true?
    a. The examinees seem to be very good in Physical Science
    b. The Math test appears to be the easiest among the three
    c. The examinees seem to excel in English
    d. The English test appears to be the easiest among the three
    Ans: b
  10. An examinee whose score is within x + 1 SD belongs to which of the following groups?
    a. Above average
    b. Average
    c. Below average
    d. Needs improvement
    Ans: b

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