Saturday, 8 Aug 2020

DepEd Self Learning Module Is The Education’s New Normal

The Department of Education (DepEd) presents Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) to accommodate different learning styles and diversities of students.

DepEd Region II Director Dr. Estela Carino said, contents found in SLMs is align to different learners across the country.

RD Estela said, ““the activities we placed in the SLMs will be appropriate for learners with special needs, too.”

“We still have to give these learners the same kind of care that we gave them while we were doing face-to-face classes,” RD Estella said.

“Most of them would be using video-taped lessons aside from the modules,” RD Estella added.

DepEd will provide Self-Learning Modules (SLMs) with the alternative learning delivery modalities to facilitate and build learning to different types of learners.


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